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Facebook Birthday Fundraisers a Huge Success!

After sending out an initial request to host birthday fundraisers for Aaron's Playground on Facebook, we've had several friends and family agree to participate. Though we were unsure how well this would work, we are thrilled to say that the fundraisers have been a huge success!

In April and May alone, we've had 8 friends/family put up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and they have raised over $3400! That amounts to over $400 per person! 

We have another 5 people who have committed to doing a birthday fundraiser, but would love for that number to increase.

If you'd be willing to host a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for Aaron's Playground, please let us know. We have a full page on the website with detailed instructions on how to do so (Click here!). It takes 3 easy steps to set it up, or we'd be happy to walk you through it.

And if your birthday already passed this year, it isn't limited only to birthdays!

Thank you all for your support!

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